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Resting 12 Lead ECG 4 Add-on (Mobile ECG)

(Base on Microsoft Windows CE)


Real time 12-Lead ECG monitoring and sampling via Blue tooth transmitter or USB device

Blue tooth wireless or direct isolation cable download

4096 Hz Sampling Rate


   ▪ 12-Lead ECG Monitoring for simple real-time ECG control

   ▪ 12-Lead Resting ECG  for monitoring and storage of up to 90s ECG’s

   ▪ Emergency ECG for continuous ECG monitoring and immediate e-mail transfer of 10s ECG strips reports (see above "ECG print out" picture)

   ▪ Review any stored ECG

   ▪ Direct print function to wireless printer or via cable

   ▪ Interactive Ruler for interval and amplitudes measurements

   ▪ Download stored ECG’s to « CardioScan Resting 12 Leads » for interpretation

   ▪ Download Raw ECG data to « CardioScan Resting 12 Leads » via e-mail, or phone

   ▪ Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 CE Compatible



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