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Resting ECG  "Cardioscan Resting 12-Lead"


New Computerized Resting ECG 12-Lead ECG with Interval/Amplitudes/Axis measurements/with or without automatic interpretation developed and made by DM Software, implementing all the advanced holter ECG technology from DM Software, and many unique analysis functions:

Version 4.0   Standard

 12 Lead Resting ECG with or without auto interpretation

 Vector ECG

Version 4.0   Premier

 12 Lead Resting ECG with or without auto interpretation

 Vector ECG

 Timed Vector ECG

 SAECG (Signal Averaged ECG) Ventricular Late Potentials analysis

 QTd analysis

 Hour ECG

 High Frequency ECG (HFECG)

 Frequency Cardiogram (FCG)

 Simple Exercise ECG


Sampling screen Color Customization

Multi ECG Report Formats

Standard or thermal paper print, B&W or color print

Auto Interpretation On or Off

Measurement Table  

Tests Comparison

90s Resting ECG full disclosure

Multi Hour ECG Monitoring with holter analysis

Simple Exercise Stress Test with report

E-mail , PDF, ASCII, HL7, Dicom, GDT Interfaces

Windows 2000, XP, Vista Compatible, and Mini Laptops running under windows environment…

ECG Sampling Screen

Averaged ECG Complex

ECG Report 3x4+1


12-Lead Blue-tooth Transmitter:  Front  &  Back Blue-Tooth Receiver Patient Câble

Specifications and Features table


12-Lead ECG Blue Tooth Module 

12-Lead ECG Blue Tooth Transmitter 


12-Lead, 10 electrodes

12-Lead, 10 electrodes

Sampling Rate

12 Bits, 4096Hz

12 Bits, 4096Hz


Trans. 13.5 x 7.5 x 2.4 cm

Receiv. 13.9 x 12 x 3 cm

13.5 x 7.5 x 2.4 cm


Emet. 110 g

récept. 240 g

110 g








Trans. 4 x AA batt. (6.0V)

Receiv. USB Port (5.0V)

4 x AA batteries (6.0V)

ECG Download

Blue Tooth Transmission 2,4 GHz

100 M

Blue Tooth Transmission 2,4 GHz

100 M


CardioScan Resting 12-Lead

CardioScan Stress Test

CardioScan Resting 12-Lead

CardioScan Stress Test

Mobile ECG


Innovative high performance Sampling devices for Desktop, Laptop, Pocket PC, Smartphone…

New Generation long distance Blue Tooth module wireless tests in private office, hospital or clinique, with Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet PC!

Mini ultra light USB module for use for in office tests, and field tests with USB cable to Laptop, Mini Laptop or Windows mobile Pocket PC

New Standalone Blue Tooth Transmitter light and transportable, perfect for field tests with with Mini Laptops, Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphones

...  for all your consultations needs:  Office, Clinique, Hospital, Visits, Emergency! 

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