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Holter Analysis Software


Product name: Holter Analysis Software.
Model: CardioScan.
This product includes: Software CD, Security Key and Operator¨s Manual.
Product principle: This software should be combined use with computer, and matched with Holter recorders, playback the data of ECG to the software, the authoritative doctor analysis and diagnose the relative data.
Expect purpose: The software match use with Holter recordersis apply to medical institutions replay, display and analysis patient's ECG.
The Holter software main function: Leads Placement, New Patient, Enroll, Setting, Database, Edit, A-Fib/Flu, ECG Strip, Page Scan, HRV, Hourly, Mega Scan, ST Scan, QT Validation, SAECG, CardioVision Playback, Report, Re Analysis.
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