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CardioScan Blood Pressure Monitor


Version: 1.0


Operation System: Windows XP, Windows Vista.

CPU: 1G Hz

Hard Disk: 40G

RAM: 256M

Monitor Resolution: 1024×768

Printer: Laser printer or in-jet printer, black&white or color.


Edit 24-hour blood pressure readings, data can be shared by Meigaoyi ECG Holter software and parallel correlation can be made for ECG and blood pressure.

The ABP data can be transferred to ECG-NIS (ECG Network Information system) server computer to be shared by all departments of hospital.

Support comparison analysis of the patient ABP data of different time.

Variety of printing and display formats for physicians’ convenient diagnosis.

Statistic trend graph, bar graph, pie graph, correlation line, comparison graph are supplied.

Database holds all the tested patient information for statistics.

Can print reports in colors.



Model: DMS300-ABP


Time: 24 Hour

 Measurement Interval: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 min (Adjustable)

 Storage: Non-volatile flash memory

 LCD: Display systolic, diastolic, pulse and indications for monitor current status.

Computer Interface: RS232

 Size: 123mm×66mm×29mm

 Weight: 270g with battery

 Power Source: 2 AA


 Jointly developed by DM Software and Suntech USA.

 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and data playback. Step deflation oscillometer method, automatic zero adjustment.

  LCD can display systolic, diastolic and pulse when each measurement is made.

 Can make up the measurement automatically after failure, to make manual measurement, press the event button.

 The analysis software can make data table, bar chart, pie chart and correlation line, etc.Database holds all the tested patient information for statistics.

 Can communicate with computer through USB port, if USB-COM adapter is used. 


Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff-S

Model: ABP1-ENFANT            


Size: 415mm×112mm

Color: Red


 Used with blood pressure monitor, small size.

Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff-M



Size: 574mm×147mm

 Color: Red


Used with blood pressure monitor, medium size.

Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff-L



 Size: 672mm×171mm

Color: Red


Used with blood pressure monitor, large size.


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