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Important Announcement


1: DM Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is appointed as China sole partner of ABP1 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (Original Model: MGY-ABP1) by SunTech Medical Inc., also worked as the sole distributor and service supporter in China. Any propagation or declaration in the market contrary to the above is inveracious and inappropriate. 


2: DM Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is the only branch company registered by DM Software Inc. As it has fully taken over the business of MEIGAOYI Co., Ltd. in 2009, any companies registered  similar name or related business activities have nothing to do with DM Software Inc. or MEIGAOYI Co., Ltd.


3: From Jul. 5th, 2010, DM Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. formally terminated the China sole agent qualification of Beijing DM Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. From that day on, any sales or business activities of Beijing DM Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is nothing to do with DM Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


4: Regarding the announcement of DM Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. officially took over MEIGAOYI Co., Ltd. please visit for reference.

The announcement is as below:



Dear customers and partners,

From November 1st of 2009, DM System (BEIJING) Co., Ltd has officially taken over the ECG product business of MEIGAOYI, including the R&D, production, sales (under DMS brand name) and after-sales service, DM System (BEIJING) Co., Ltd has been set up in China by its USA mother corporation and its brand is independent of MEIGAOYI, DM System (BEIJING) Co., Ltd will continue to supply high quality medical products of DMS brand to you. Thank you for all the support you have given us.     

Liu Haixiang



November 24, 2009


If there is anything unaccounted or unclear, please call DM Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. service hot line 86-10-89760397.


DM Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd.



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